Ausar Geophysical

Seismic data deblending software

Efficient and accurate separation of blended acquisition/simultaneous seismic sources using an inversion-based algorithm

Integrate deblending into your workflow


Iterative FK thresholding finds the most coherent solution

Simple interfaces enable easy integration

  • Iterative FK thresholding inversion algorithm
  • C interface for easy integration into existing software
  • Python, Fortran, C++, and Java wrappers available
  • Suitable for both 2D and 3D surveys
  • Deblend arrivals from multiple multisource groups firing simultaneously
  • Remove interference from nearby surveys (given shot times)
  • Option to specify picks of major arrivals for enhanced separation


2D marine streamer

200k traces, 3k time samples (2.5 GB)

Deblended in 40 mins on one node

This is a section of a typical 2D survey, with quite good data quality. It has been artifically blended to simulate a high blending situation (an average of 2 seconds between shots). The deblending tool easily removes the blending noise, recovering the unblended data with almost perfect accuracy.

View the full results to see a comparison with the original unblended data in different frequency bands.

A common channel gather slice of data used as input to the deblending tool.
The corresponding slice of the output from the deblending tool.


All purchases come with a company-wide perpetual-use license

Whether you purchase the tool as a pre-compiled library or as source code, an unlimited number of users at your company can use the tool forever. You will receive all updates with the same major version number.



  • Link your software to the tool as a pre-compiled library

Source code


  • View and modify the tool's source code


Ausar Geophysical's deblending tool can easily integrate into your existing workflows to help you get results faster.

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